This week has been crazy. Monday we had winds that would blow you away and temps tonight down in teh 30's again. BUT spring is just around the corner and with it comes our semi annual quilt show for the Shiner Heritage Quilt Guild. I spent the day today making posters for our special exhibits, one which is a tribute to one of our members that passed away last year. Lillian Ward was such a wonderful lady and we are proud to exhibit a few items she created in her honor.  Our other special exhibits are aprons from Virginia Helweg and pictures and samples from our youth quilt class that we hold every summer.  This is a big job getting this all together but it is coming together. Today the program went to the printer, I picked up our street signs from another printer yesterday and all my posters are done. I do still have one more quilt to finish quilting, and 4 to put sleeves and labels on.
There was a very nice article in our local newspaper this week by Barbara Tieken about the show. We have really tried to get the information out there this year. This is just our third large quilt show and this one has the most entries. We have to thank our local Methodist Church where we hold the show for the use of their activity center.
I am looking forward to this happening, being chairman has been a new job and outside of my normal comfort zone, I am usually a very quiet person, happy to work and help everywhere I can. BUT this has put me out there in new ways and I have really enjoyed it. 
It is getting late, I am working at Martha's tomorrow and have a ton of work to do. Have a wonderful week !

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