Woke up yesterday and today to a much cooler morning.. I LOVE FALL!! the leaves changing, of course here in Texas they pretty much go from green to brown overnight, but there are a few trees around that give us some wonderful color. Color inspires me, as does the cooler weather! Time to get busy it says, the year is closing and you have a lot to do! Right now I am working on several projects. One, which hopefully will be my next pattern will be for our quilt show here in March. Red roses on a black background...it is a work in progress and I have a lot to do to work out the pattern.  Also working on some antique flower appliqued blocks for a customer that are from an old quilt that was carefully taken apart and the blocks saved. Each petal is appliqued with black embroidery floss and all the fabrics look like they are feedsacks, with a small pink center. She wanted a pink floral...well I found Aunt Graces originals pink swirl...a beautiful pink background that matches the center of the flowers, with small white daisy type flowers, that look the same shape of the flowers on the blocks...add to that a small swirl highlighted with touches of black...PERFECT!! Now, to get 54 blocks squared up and sashed and put together...
Next I have a chicken quilt, a table cover, and a Texas A&M quilt to make...working on the table cover at the same time as the flower blocks and my rose quilt...when one stumps me, I take a break and pick up the next for new inspiration...
Inspiration comes from all around, from the flowers in the garden, the clouds in the sky to a blouse someone is wearing.. Like I said color inspires me...especially reds and yellows and blacks...What inspires you?? I would love to hear from you with ideas!! Thanks for stopping by, I really need to get busy! Have a wonderful day, and don't forget who gave it to you!
God Bless!!

09/20/2012 12:42

What inspires me? YOU inspire me! You AMAZE me with your creativeness and your awesome God given talent! I always look forward to seeing what you have in store for us to see next! Can't wait to work on your "new" pattern cover! Keep 'em comin'!


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