Wow, where did February go! It seems like just yesterday it was January and now it is the first of March. February brought a milestone, my son turned 40 on the 18th. WOW, that makes me feel old!!!!  Now this month I turn 62..filed for my social Security and that will start in May which is just around the corner.  My son and daughter in law closed on a house, but it needs a lot of work so they will be here for a while yet.  Gardening is starting and I am itching to get out in the dirt! Today I bought compost and tomato plants and some cucumber plants. Hope to get the tiller out Saturday and get the garden ready to put them in. For now they are in a little greenhouse. We planted some squash seeds and they are coming up.  Our raffle quilt sales for our quilt guild are going well, we have sold right at $1000 worth of tickets and have until the 17th when the drawing is done. Picture is in the "other quilts" section.  Got to go visit my sister this last weekend for a baby shower for my other sisters new grandbaby on the way. Was a long weekend trip, down to Lake Jackson/Clute and then to Houston for the shower and then back home.  

Something exciting, my quilt room has outside walls up, next will be electric and get the door in. Bathroom is framed and then we will have to do insulation and sheetrock.  I am working on plans for shelving and layout.  That is getting to be the fun part! 
For now,  I need to get back to my quilts and get busy.  Stay happy, keep smiling and God Bless!

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