I know, it has been a while, but I have been busy. Finished repairs on the quilt I was working on finally and got it delivered...and got 2 more to do.  Not as much repair on these 2 though, also picked up 2 more...hmm...I am getting a lot of these...have to get busy... Just getting time. Also finished the T-shirt quilt, and it is ready to go! It looks so cute! Will have to get a picture before I let it go. 

Now for the wonderful people...I am always searching Craigslist for bargains for my quilt building, which has come to a standstill due to son and family moving into their house...but thats ok..they have priorities too!  Anyway..I found this listing for someone selling off their quilting suppplies, KING TUTT thread included and contacted them.  $10 a spool for the 2000 yard spools so I decided to make a road trip to maybe pick up a few colors that I use a lot, also visited my sister at the same time. Anyway, got to their house, and started looking and picking out a few spools. Eddie asked me if I did not want all of them. Of course I would love to have them all...over 50 spools, but that is a lot of money, and here is where he becomes a blessing. He said, take them all and pay me what you can when you can...that they have been blessed and they are passing it on..GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!!  I came home with a lot of thread and some wonderful new friends. In fact I put a quilt on the machine last night (at 11pm because I was still up) and thought, I think there is a thread in that bag that might be perfect and lo and behold...JOSEPHS COAT...perfect!!!! It is a fun quilt with a lot of bugs and bright colors. Now, a quilting pattern. That is next and I am ready to go...

The next blessing this week...I am proud to announce that Debby Luttrel from Stitchin' Heaven in Quitman Texas is picking up my Texas Cabins Quilt pattern for her store. Debby is the brains I believe behind the Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop that takes place in September.  I am planning a couple of road trips to introduce the pattern to some of the other shops on the Shop Hop list, over 90 of them total. If you get a chance got to the Shop Hop website www.quiltacrosstexas.com and check it out!  The fabrics are great for my pattern. There is a panel that has a Texas on it, but Deb said it is too large for the quilt pattern, which is ok. The pattern includes a full size Texas for the center applique which is really not difficult to do. Anyway, I would love to plan a road trip with my 2 sisters to see how many we can make in September, that would be so much fun!
 Why don't you see what you can do to make a few shops...with our current economy, any little bit of support for these shops would be wonderful, and there are great prizes too!

Ok, I need to get busy, today is Fathers day, hubby has requested Chicken and rice for dinner. Need to get the chicken out and thawed and ready. Happy Fathers day to all the hubbys and fathers in your lives!  Take care and GOD BLESSS!!!

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