Sunday night, 10-2-11 BOY WHAT A DAY!! Judging is interesting, but not something I would do a lot of I have decided. There were maybe 75 quilts total and the were in catagories...Hand Quilted, Machine Quilted, Applique, Pre-Printed, Baby quilts and Wall Hangings...We had 2 hours to do all of them and it took us longer than our 2 hours..but we got it done. There were some beautiful quilts, how do you decide..points off for stitching, binding, crooked borders..points dont much!! I think I was maybe too generous with some of them, but the best won I believe and hope everyone was happy.  I should be busy working on my Christmas block for our meeting Tuesday night, I still have not figured out what I want to do. Guess I better get cracking!! Have a wonderful week!! Keep smiling! HUGS!

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