Ok, it has been almost a month again, I am so sorry I am not getting in here like I should be. BUT here I am for a little while. Doing the repairs on the older quilts takes a while and a lot of concentration but it is great. Good news, the kids have bought a house, and are in the process of moving. Good news and bad news I guess, It is good we will get our house back but we will miss them too. BUT they are not moving far away, about 5 minutes to be exact, still in Shiner so they will be around all the time I am sure. 
Things have slowed down on the quilt room since my son is working on their house. I start getting my Social Security next month since I turned 62 and will probably get some locals to help finish. Electric is next and I am getting an estimate this week.  I will also be able to pick up my quilts from Yoakum Museum at the end of the month, beginning of May from the 2 month show they had.  We have our Shiner Church Picnic coming up Memorial weekend which is right across the street from the house at the KC hall. ALWAYS a big turnout and a lot of fun. Lots of crafts and good food and a live auction. If you are in the area it is a great day out!!! They also play BINGO for 25 cents a card per game. Lots of fun. Games for the kids too!
If I do not answer an email quickly please feel free to call me!!  361 594-2811. 
Take care as always, GOD BLESS!!!!
WOW, time flies! Just a few minutes this morning. I am working on repairing some antique quilts for a customer. It is slow work but very rewarding when you see the results! Will have to take some pics.  I made some magazine holders for all of my magazines...wow, I have a lot of mags and books!! But I cannot let go of any of them...lol.   See the pics...Here are some general instructions...
Front and back are cut at 12  1/2" x 49". Each pocket is cut at 12  1/2" x 17".  The pockets are folded in half and a decorative stitch done across the top for a little extra support.  Then I sewed the bottom of each pocket to the front (right side) starting with the bottom pocket. Once it was sewn on, I laid the next pocket down so there was 5" between the top of the bottom pocket and the next one and sewed the bottom of the 2nd pocket down. I did this with a zig zag stitch for support.  I made a total of 7 pockets and sewed each one on that way. BOTTOMS only,  Once that was done, I laid them all out flat and put the back side down on top with right sides of the front and back together and the pockets between and pinned to secure. I sewed down one side, across the bottom and up the other side leaving the top open. I turned it inside out and pressed it and then topstitched the sides.  I turned the top down inside about 2" and topstitched it closed and added the grommets. They hold a lot of mags/books. I did use a little more than a 1/4" seam allowance on this too. The finished is about 11 1/2" x 46".  Hope you enjoy!!!!! 
As always, have a wonderful day and God Bless ! !
It has been a busy weekend. Lots to do, but I did finally get some pictures of my building and got them posted. Check in the "other" catagory for pics.   I realized this week that I have a TON of magazines and books. I have 2 magazine holders on the back of my door now that I bought at "The Container Store" in Houston one time.  I decided I think I can make one like it and am going to try this week. Will post pictures of the ones on the door and what I made with instructions on the sizes I used. They should be pretty easy... I HOPE!!!!  Until later. have a wonderful week. Keep smiling and God Bless!
Wow, where did February go! It seems like just yesterday it was January and now it is the first of March. February brought a milestone, my son turned 40 on the 18th. WOW, that makes me feel old!!!!  Now this month I turn 62..filed for my social Security and that will start in May which is just around the corner.  My son and daughter in law closed on a house, but it needs a lot of work so they will be here for a while yet.  Gardening is starting and I am itching to get out in the dirt! Today I bought compost and tomato plants and some cucumber plants. Hope to get the tiller out Saturday and get the garden ready to put them in. For now they are in a little greenhouse. We planted some squash seeds and they are coming up.  Our raffle quilt sales for our quilt guild are going well, we have sold right at $1000 worth of tickets and have until the 17th when the drawing is done. Picture is in the "other quilts" section.  Got to go visit my sister this last weekend for a baby shower for my other sisters new grandbaby on the way. Was a long weekend trip, down to Lake Jackson/Clute and then to Houston for the shower and then back home.  

Something exciting, my quilt room has outside walls up, next will be electric and get the door in. Bathroom is framed and then we will have to do insulation and sheetrock.  I am working on plans for shelving and layout.  That is getting to be the fun part! 
For now,  I need to get back to my quilts and get busy.  Stay happy, keep smiling and God Bless!
Twice in one week, don't faint!!! I am getting ready to go to work at Martha's here in Shiner. Today and tomorrow. Yesterday I took about 8 quilts to the Yoakum Museum for their "Grandma's Attic Quilt Show" they have in March and April. They will show all the quilts in the museum very nicely displayed during the 2 months.  I finally finished my custom order for Jeannie which I have been working on for about 3 months. 2 large quilts and 2 window coverings. They will be pictured here in " Other quilts" soon. As soon as I can get a good day to take some pictures, which hopefully will be tomorrow when I get home from work. Next I am going to continue on my new "Texas Cabins" in King size. Have the Texas done, have got to get to work on the log cabins next. 
My son suprised me and ordered flowers for his wife for Valentines day. He is not much of a sentemental guy, not sure where that came from, but he suprised her too. He told me there is more to come... Hmmmm...
Got to get moving, have a wonderful happy and blessed day!!
WOW, I cannot believe it has been so long since I have updated. Please!!! Forgive me! It has been very busy here with son and Daughter in law in process of buying a house and her mom moving in too.  So our household increased again, and there are no rooms left...lol. Thats ok though, the more the merrier right!!! ?? 

Anyway... whats new besides that, my quilt room which my son is building for me on a very tight budget has outside walls finally, and 3 windows.  This room is 18' x 32' finished. It will have a small bathroom and LOTS AAND LOTS of room for my sewing and quilting stuff.  I will be able to get it from all over the house to one place finally... HOPEFULLY!!! It will take a while to finish still. I will post some pics and put a quilt room catagory in to show progress. It has been a pay as you go thing and is taking a while but when it is finished it will be paid for! Except what I will owe my son for all of his work which can never be repaid... wait...he is getting free rent...guess it will even out huh?? LOL. 

Also another thought, my wonderful son will be 40 this month on the 18th. Makes me feel old.... Happy birthday, with all my love and thanks for all you do! .... then I turn 62...in March...another milestone...

New quilts...been working on some quilts for a customer, a custom order and hope to have them all finished later today. Working on the bindings this afternoon.  Next I am also working on another Texas Cabins in a more western theme and kind of scrappy but in a KING size... will have to revise the pattern to show how to increase the size!  If you have a local shop you think would like to carry it please email and give me a name and phone number of someone to contact and I can send information. 

Going to try to update some more baby quilt pictures later today. Need to get all my measurements down. Tried to take pictures outside one day and the wind was blowing like crazy so I could not get the quilts to hang, then I was fighting the shadows of the trees, we have 17 pecan trees and it is hard not to find a "shady" spot. Maybe will try again later today if it isnt too windy this afternoon and warms up...a little cool this morning...

For now, that is all I have and will check back later. Have a wonderful day! Lots of huggs and blessings!!!
Wow, I cannot believe it has been so long since I have updated.. SO SORRY! But I have been working at the store every day and coming home and working on quilts here at home every night trying to get caught up. Since last visit I did do the Yoakum craft show which was a lot of fun! First time for that one and it is only once a year. I did  make the Houston Quilt Festival this year and WOW some of the most beautiful quilts to be seen. Everyone needs to go at least once. I have several more baby quilts made and I promise I am going to get pictures tomorrow and get them posted.  I am working on a couple of quilts, custom orders and trying to get them done by Christmas.  If you stop by and see something you like and are in our area please feel free to drop me a line or give me a call and you can come see them in person. I would love to make one for you!! Got to get busy! Hope everyone is warm and cozy! HUGS!!!!
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Sunday morning, got home late last night from my sisters house and the Clute Craft show at Wesley Methodist Church. Met some wonderful people and sold a few things. Had a great time Friday night after setting up for the show we went to the Civic Center in Lake Jackson and sat outside and listened to Sourmash Band play some of their original music and some great country music too. It was cold and windy and we were wrapped up in quilts to stay warm but had a great time!  Had a wonderful weekend with my sister Frances and her hubby Bubba. Some of the greatest people in this world!  Hope to have a few more pics up later tonight of some baby quilts I finished and one more large one. For  now, have to get busy and start working on more! HUGS! Keep smiling!
Wow, I cannot believe it has been so long since I updated. It has been busy!  This week I have been getting a few more baby quilts done and one large one finished finally. Doing a craft show in Clute Texas with my sister who, by the way does some beautiful things. Her website is Joyful Creations in Wood and Wax.  I will look for the exact link and put it in here too. Anyway, I am joining her at the Methodist church in Clute for a craft show this Saturday. Taking quilts, pillowcases and pincushions. If I have any of the new ones finished I will post pics on Sunday when we return so they will go online.  I also have a picture from a friend Debbie in Louisiana of her partially finished Texas Cabins to post. She is doing it in a sports theme and it it working out well!  Think I will try to get it online tonight.
Check out my sisters website at http://joyfulcreationsinwoodandwax.blogspot.com/.
Other than being busy with my quilts and family and work at the store things are pretty quiet..lol..
Have a wonderful week, stay blessed and keep smiling! Hugs from me!

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