I am posting today a picture of our finished Donation Quilt for our guild. I think it turned out beautiful and is a finished 90" x 110" quilt. All in blue and yellows. Kind of a country french look but just gorgeous! It is posted here and in my "Other Quilts" section.  Please let me know what you think. This quilt will be raffled off at our March 2013 quilt show here in Shiner. We have a show every other year and I am very excited to be chairman of the show this year.

The date is March 15, 16th 2013. At the Methodist activity center, and it is easy to find. All you have to do is follow the signs we will have showing where to go and look for our quilt car which will be out front.  Speaking of the quilt car, our quilt car made it into an article in the May 2012 American Quilter magazine. The article is called "Amazing Endeavors: Quilt My "Ride" by Iris Frank. There are several vehicles that have quilted covers and ours is one of them. Page 90 of the magazine. Check it out!

That is is for now, have to get busy quilting. Have a wonderful weekend! God Bless!


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