I do not do as well in the summer heat.. GIVE ME SPRING AND FALL and I love it...
That being said..it has been a rough couple of weeks, a couple of health issues, bronchitis and a kidney stone have slowed me down a lot this month. BUT I am on the mend and back to work.  I am posting a new picture today in the other quilts section of another friend Renee that has made the Texas Cabins quilt. She did a beautiful job! I love the colors. This is being made for her brother, lucky guy!!!
Other than that I have been busy with our quilt guild, chair of the quilt show coming up in March 2013.  All Things Sping is the theme this year and we are really excited.  We will be looking for entries from local area quilters and usually have around 100 entries. As many as we can fit in our Methodist Church activities center.  Last year we ended up hanging some on the walls and it was wonderful to have so many beautiful quilts in one place. 
Our raffle quilt is in the process of being quilted and I will post a picture of it also as soon as I get it. Cannot wait to show everyone! 
My quilt building has come to a slow down as my son has been working on their house. They will be moving from here in the next 3-4 weeks it looks like and although I will be glad to have my house back, it will be  different. MUCH quieter with the grandkids gone. BUT they will only be 5 minutes away.
Guess that is it for now. Going to post the picture of Renees quilt and get busy with quilt repairs and bindings to finish.
Have a wonderful week! God b

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