Wow, I cannot believe it has been so long since I updated. It has been busy!  This week I have been getting a few more baby quilts done and one large one finished finally. Doing a craft show in Clute Texas with my sister who, by the way does some beautiful things. Her website is Joyful Creations in Wood and Wax.  I will look for the exact link and put it in here too. Anyway, I am joining her at the Methodist church in Clute for a craft show this Saturday. Taking quilts, pillowcases and pincushions. If I have any of the new ones finished I will post pics on Sunday when we return so they will go online.  I also have a picture from a friend Debbie in Louisiana of her partially finished Texas Cabins to post. She is doing it in a sports theme and it it working out well!  Think I will try to get it online tonight.
Check out my sisters website at
Other than being busy with my quilts and family and work at the store things are pretty
Have a wonderful week, stay blessed and keep smiling! Hugs from me!

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