It has been a busy week, worked a little extra at the store ("Martha's Quilting Corner") and finally finished the quilt with the 2" squares (White Chocolate pattern) and it turned out pretty! Sent it off to Bryan to the shop and started working on a customers quilt...lots of Y seams... I am no longer afraid of Y seams...Good practice for me!!  Off to work again this morning and tomorrow going to be at Hallettsville at the Market Days with the quilt from our Quilt Guild. Raffle, Donation or Opportunity quilt, it is our money maker for the year and then the money goes back to the community through donations. Got to get moving...Have a wonderful day! Keep smiling! Hugs!

Cindy Y. Hergotz
10/21/2011 12:14

Was wondering if you would be at the Hallettsville Market Days. Should have known. Thinking about going, but not sure yet have never gone before. If I do I will look you up.

Cindy H.


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