This week has been crazy. Monday we had winds that would blow you away and temps tonight down in teh 30's again. BUT spring is just around the corner and with it comes our semi annual quilt show for the Shiner Heritage Quilt Guild. I spent the day today making posters for our special exhibits, one which is a tribute to one of our members that passed away last year. Lillian Ward was such a wonderful lady and we are proud to exhibit a few items she created in her honor.  Our other special exhibits are aprons from Virginia Helweg and pictures and samples from our youth quilt class that we hold every summer.  This is a big job getting this all together but it is coming together. Today the program went to the printer, I picked up our street signs from another printer yesterday and all my posters are done. I do still have one more quilt to finish quilting, and 4 to put sleeves and labels on.
There was a very nice article in our local newspaper this week by Barbara Tieken about the show. We have really tried to get the information out there this year. This is just our third large quilt show and this one has the most entries. We have to thank our local Methodist Church where we hold the show for the use of their activity center.
I am looking forward to this happening, being chairman has been a new job and outside of my normal comfort zone, I am usually a very quiet person, happy to work and help everywhere I can. BUT this has put me out there in new ways and I have really enjoyed it. 
It is getting late, I am working at Martha's tomorrow and have a ton of work to do. Have a wonderful week !
Wow... I did not realize it has been this long. It has been busy time. Getting ready now especially for the Shiner Heritage Quilt Guild March Quilt Show on March 15th and 16th. I am chairman of the show and it has kept me very busy. We have 65 large quilts and 26 small quilts to show this year.  The theme this year is All Things Spring.  It is not a judged show, but we do have a Mayors Choice award, and peoples choice in every catagory.  We have the beautiful raffle quilt to give away on Saturday along with other great items such as baby quilts and a custom made quilt stand made in oak by the husband of one of our members.  We are very excited and hope if you are close enough you can come take a look. We do this every other year.

Something else that is going on that same weekend that I learned about last Saturday I want to share and that is the "WOUNDED WARRIOR WEEKEND" in Port Lavaca Texas, down on the coast. This group brings in 500 wounded soldiers and treats them to fishing, food, a place to stay for the weekend  When they catch fish, they are filleted, and prepared and sent by FEDEX to the soldiers home.  I heard stories that brought me to tears. The work they do for this group in one weekend is wonderful to say the least.

HOpe to have some new pics to post soon. Will have quilt show pics at least after the show. 
This has been a busy week. Last Friday, wow a week ago already..I attended the Austin Quilt show with our Guild and the quilt guild from Cuero Texas on a bus.  Lots of fun! Beautiful quilts, beautiful quilting and great vendors! There I did find some great ideas to inspire me to get busy on my rose quilt and I started the center, doing TROUPUNTO  (not sure of that spelling) stuffing the roses to give them dimension. Small flowers do not make it easy! I will have to see if I can get a picture of what they look like.  Almost finsihed with the table cover, have it on the quilting machine ready to quilt.  Have a T-shirt quilt to do now also that I will start on this weekend. For now I am working at Martha's on Friday and Saturday. One of my favorite places! That is it for now, need to get some sleep. Drop by and say hello! Keep smiling and God Bless!
Woke up yesterday and today to a much cooler morning.. I LOVE FALL!! the leaves changing, of course here in Texas they pretty much go from green to brown overnight, but there are a few trees around that give us some wonderful color. Color inspires me, as does the cooler weather! Time to get busy it says, the year is closing and you have a lot to do! Right now I am working on several projects. One, which hopefully will be my next pattern will be for our quilt show here in March. Red roses on a black is a work in progress and I have a lot to do to work out the pattern.  Also working on some antique flower appliqued blocks for a customer that are from an old quilt that was carefully taken apart and the blocks saved. Each petal is appliqued with black embroidery floss and all the fabrics look like they are feedsacks, with a small pink center. She wanted a pink floral...well I found Aunt Graces originals pink swirl...a beautiful pink background that matches the center of the flowers, with small white daisy type flowers, that look the same shape of the flowers on the blocks...add to that a small swirl highlighted with touches of black...PERFECT!! Now, to get 54 blocks squared up and sashed and put together...
Next I have a chicken quilt, a table cover, and a Texas A&M quilt to make...working on the table cover at the same time as the flower blocks and my rose quilt...when one stumps me, I take a break and pick up the next for new inspiration...
Inspiration comes from all around, from the flowers in the garden, the clouds in the sky to a blouse someone is wearing.. Like I said color inspires me...especially reds and yellows and blacks...What inspires you?? I would love to hear from you with ideas!! Thanks for stopping by, I really need to get busy! Have a wonderful day, and don't forget who gave it to you!
God Bless!!
Well if you are a quilter then I am sure you know about the Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop. I spent the day yesterday making 3 shops. Giddings All Around the Block shop..Great shop with tons of fabric!!! Then went to Quilters Folly in Austin, another great shop and then on to Buda for B&B Quilts...I found fabric to buy in each one..... I am proud to say all 3 are carrying the Texas Cabins pattern now. All Around the Block in Giddings already had it but the other two added it to their shops yesterday also.  I decided to make a list of the shops that are now carrying the pattern.. Here they are:

Of course Martha's Quilting Corner where I work here in Shiner, and The Square Quilter here in Shiner both have it.
Victoria- Quilters Patch                        Port Lavaca -- Before Its A Quilt 
Lake Jackson - Calico Cats                Wichita Falls - The Enchanted Quilt
Odessa - Betty's Bobbin Box               Bryan --Lone Star Quilt Works
Waxahachie - Common Threads       San Antonio - Seventh Heaven 
Dickinson - Pinwheels & Posies       Van Alstyne - Alford Inn Quilt Shop    
and Quitman Texas - Stitchin' Heaven

I hope I have not missed any shops..If I have I apologize!  Also, some of them have had the pattern longer than others, if they are out please have them contact me here for additional  copies or you can order direct from me.
If you are going to make shops in the shop hop drop by and see us here in Shiner at Martha's Quilting Corner. We are not part of the Hop but would love to show you the shop anyway!
I am updating a few pictures uner other quilts also. I have a picture of Jennie and her Surry that I made 2 Texas Cabins Twin size quilts to wrap around their legs when they are doing trailrides and parades and such in the Surry!
That is it for now, have a wonderful week! God bless!
I am posting today a picture of our finished Donation Quilt for our guild. I think it turned out beautiful and is a finished 90" x 110" quilt. All in blue and yellows. Kind of a country french look but just gorgeous! It is posted here and in my "Other Quilts" section.  Please let me know what you think. This quilt will be raffled off at our March 2013 quilt show here in Shiner. We have a show every other year and I am very excited to be chairman of the show this year.

The date is March 15, 16th 2013. At the Methodist activity center, and it is easy to find. All you have to do is follow the signs we will have showing where to go and look for our quilt car which will be out front.  Speaking of the quilt car, our quilt car made it into an article in the May 2012 American Quilter magazine. The article is called "Amazing Endeavors: Quilt My "Ride" by Iris Frank. There are several vehicles that have quilted covers and ours is one of them. Page 90 of the magazine. Check it out!

That is is for now, have to get busy quilting. Have a wonderful weekend! God Bless!

WOW, again where has time gone! It has been a busy summer already. The kids (son, daughter inlaw, 3 grandchildren and her mom) have moved to their house. Things have gotten very quiet around here which is good for getting work done so I have just been going to town with quilting.  Finally finished the twin sized Texas Cabins (one of 2) and have it pictured in the "Other Quilts". Also, a friend Renee has completed a Texas Cabins for her brother, it turned out beautiful! Great job Renee!! They are really going to enjoy it!  I also have several more quilts to repair and more to quilt so I am staying very busy.  No new projects, except our Shiner Heritage Quilt guild raffle/donation quilt is finally finished and being bound by one of our members. As soon as we have our picture I will post it. It is beautiful! 

Nothing new on the quilt room, since son has moved to their new "old" house he has been busy working over there. I did get the outside painted and need to take an updated picture of it. Will post that later this week.
Please stop by and share your thoughts and ideas.  I am working at Martha's this week so have to get moving. Have a wonderful day and God Bless!  Keep smiling!! It just makes your day happier! BIG HUGS!!!!!
I know, it has been a while, but I have been busy. Finished repairs on the quilt I was working on finally and got it delivered...and got 2 more to do.  Not as much repair on these 2 though, also picked up 2 more...hmm...I am getting a lot of these...have to get busy... Just getting time. Also finished the T-shirt quilt, and it is ready to go! It looks so cute! Will have to get a picture before I let it go. 

Now for the wonderful people...I am always searching Craigslist for bargains for my quilt building, which has come to a standstill due to son and family moving into their house...but thats ok..they have priorities too!  Anyway..I found this listing for someone selling off their quilting suppplies, KING TUTT thread included and contacted them.  $10 a spool for the 2000 yard spools so I decided to make a road trip to maybe pick up a few colors that I use a lot, also visited my sister at the same time. Anyway, got to their house, and started looking and picking out a few spools. Eddie asked me if I did not want all of them. Of course I would love to have them all...over 50 spools, but that is a lot of money, and here is where he becomes a blessing. He said, take them all and pay me what you can when you can...that they have been blessed and they are passing it on..GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!!  I came home with a lot of thread and some wonderful new friends. In fact I put a quilt on the machine last night (at 11pm because I was still up) and thought, I think there is a thread in that bag that might be perfect and lo and behold...JOSEPHS COAT...perfect!!!! It is a fun quilt with a lot of bugs and bright colors. Now, a quilting pattern. That is next and I am ready to go...

The next blessing this week...I am proud to announce that Debby Luttrel from Stitchin' Heaven in Quitman Texas is picking up my Texas Cabins Quilt pattern for her store. Debby is the brains I believe behind the Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop that takes place in September.  I am planning a couple of road trips to introduce the pattern to some of the other shops on the Shop Hop list, over 90 of them total. If you get a chance got to the Shop Hop website and check it out!  The fabrics are great for my pattern. There is a panel that has a Texas on it, but Deb said it is too large for the quilt pattern, which is ok. The pattern includes a full size Texas for the center applique which is really not difficult to do. Anyway, I would love to plan a road trip with my 2 sisters to see how many we can make in September, that would be so much fun!
 Why don't you see what you can do to make a few shops...with our current economy, any little bit of support for these shops would be wonderful, and there are great prizes too!

Ok, I need to get busy, today is Fathers day, hubby has requested Chicken and rice for dinner. Need to get the chicken out and thawed and ready. Happy Fathers day to all the hubbys and fathers in your lives!  Take care and GOD BLESSS!!!
I do not do as well in the summer heat.. GIVE ME SPRING AND FALL and I love it...
That being has been a rough couple of weeks, a couple of health issues, bronchitis and a kidney stone have slowed me down a lot this month. BUT I am on the mend and back to work.  I am posting a new picture today in the other quilts section of another friend Renee that has made the Texas Cabins quilt. She did a beautiful job! I love the colors. This is being made for her brother, lucky guy!!!
Other than that I have been busy with our quilt guild, chair of the quilt show coming up in March 2013.  All Things Sping is the theme this year and we are really excited.  We will be looking for entries from local area quilters and usually have around 100 entries. As many as we can fit in our Methodist Church activities center.  Last year we ended up hanging some on the walls and it was wonderful to have so many beautiful quilts in one place. 
Our raffle quilt is in the process of being quilted and I will post a picture of it also as soon as I get it. Cannot wait to show everyone! 
My quilt building has come to a slow down as my son has been working on their house. They will be moving from here in the next 3-4 weeks it looks like and although I will be glad to have my house back, it will be  different. MUCH quieter with the grandkids gone. BUT they will only be 5 minutes away.
Guess that is it for now. Going to post the picture of Renees quilt and get busy with quilt repairs and bindings to finish.
Have a wonderful week! God b
Spring is here and I love it. The weather is perfect, the flowers are blooming everywhere and the birds are singing. Sounds corny but I love springtime.  I love floral fabrics too! I spent the day today with 9 of the greatest ladies from our quilt guild working on our next raffle quilt. Our next quilt show is a floral or garden theme. It is a lattice look quilt in blues and yellows in the pattern pictured below from Garden Twist Quilts. The fabrics are Moda Summer Breeze II fabrics.  It is so cheerful I just love it!!  Thanks to Mary, Marilyn, Mathilda, Carolyn, Bernadette, Theresa, Mary Ann, Gladys and Ann! We cut and pieced all the blocks today and it is ready to put together! This is going to be a queen/king size quilt. We started at 11am this morning and stopped about 3:30.  Next week we will meet and put them all together. I am just amazed at what these ladies can do! Thank you THANK YOU!!!!
Below are pictures of the pattern we are using and the fabrics...I will post a picture as soon as it is together! 
I am also very honored to be Chairman of our quilt show for March 2013 and will be doing a lot of work for that in the next months.  This is a wonderful guild and I am very proud to be part of it!

As always, have a wonderful week! God Bless!!!!

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