WOW, I cannot believe it has been so long since I have updated. Please!!! Forgive me! It has been very busy here with son and Daughter in law in process of buying a house and her mom moving in too.  So our household increased again, and there are no rooms Thats ok though, the more the merrier right!!! ?? 

Anyway... whats new besides that, my quilt room which my son is building for me on a very tight budget has outside walls finally, and 3 windows.  This room is 18' x 32' finished. It will have a small bathroom and LOTS AAND LOTS of room for my sewing and quilting stuff.  I will be able to get it from all over the house to one place finally... HOPEFULLY!!! It will take a while to finish still. I will post some pics and put a quilt room catagory in to show progress. It has been a pay as you go thing and is taking a while but when it is finished it will be paid for! Except what I will owe my son for all of his work which can never be repaid... wait...he is getting free rent...guess it will even out huh?? LOL. 

Also another thought, my wonderful son will be 40 this month on the 18th. Makes me feel old.... Happy birthday, with all my love and thanks for all you do! .... then I turn March...another milestone...

New quilts...been working on some quilts for a customer, a custom order and hope to have them all finished later today. Working on the bindings this afternoon.  Next I am also working on another Texas Cabins in a more western theme and kind of scrappy but in a KING size... will have to revise the pattern to show how to increase the size!  If you have a local shop you think would like to carry it please email and give me a name and phone number of someone to contact and I can send information. 

Going to try to update some more baby quilt pictures later today. Need to get all my measurements down. Tried to take pictures outside one day and the wind was blowing like crazy so I could not get the quilts to hang, then I was fighting the shadows of the trees, we have 17 pecan trees and it is hard not to find a "shady" spot. Maybe will try again later today if it isnt too windy this afternoon and warms up...a little cool this morning...

For now, that is all I have and will check back later. Have a wonderful day! Lots of huggs and blessings!!!

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