Sunday morning, and I awoke this morning early for me 6am to the sound of rain..glorious rain. Something we have not seen here in months. Due to the dry weather we did not have much of a garden during the summer and I lost my little persimmon tree. Many of the 17 pecan trees we have in the yard dropped major limbs and the squirrels are crunching on green pecans that are no good so we have bunches of pecan hulls and half chewed pecans on the ground. Instead of grass, I say we have hay...but now maybe it will get just a little green before fall and winter set in.  This has been a busy week so have not had much time here. Along with working my part time job, I have been working on a baby quilt on the quilting machine, ran out of bobbin on the last row and quit.. tomorrow is another day. I am also working on a pattern "White Chocolate" for a shop for a sample.. LOTS of 2" squares and lots of time, got down to the next to the last row last night and one block kept messing up, did not want to match no matter what I did, so put it aside and got to something else.. I also helped finish up our quilt for our "Shiner Heritage Quilters" guild yesterday. We have a BIG KING SIZE 110" x 122" quilt. It is called "Crazy Cabins".  We were very blessed to have a friend of mine Cece donate a box of scraps, blocks and unfinished tops to the guild a few weeks back. In the box were over 100 Log Cabin blocks that were made by a friend of hers in California. Very pretty blocks, but most of them different sizes ranging from 8 1/2" to 9 1/2".  The guild had voted on a quilt pattern of circles that we were going to do. One of our members had taken the log cabins to do something with and brought them to our first meeting too work on the quilt and suggested we do something with them for our quilt. After a little discussion and since the guild had voted to do a circle quilt I suggested a compromise of cutting circles out of the log cabins..YES it is a crazy the name "CRAZY CABINS"....We cut circles out of the blocks, went to our local store and picked out a background which turned out to be a fusions dark brown tone on tone print, they were cut into 11 1/2 squares and then the circles were machine appliqued to the squares. We did not worry about centering them as we were going to add more to the quilt in various areas once the blocks were pieced together. Thanks to Wanda and several of our other members all of the blocks were done. Then we got together and pieced them and added the extra circles in assorted sizes hodgepodge around the quilt. It needed something else so we decided to take all the scraps from the corners of the log cabins and make a crazy quilt type border by putting them together and making a 2-3" border. What resulted is quite different but very nice. As soon as I get the picture I will post it on line here for everyone to see. We sell tickets and make money with our "Donation Quilt" every year and the money goes back into our local area. We donate to LAMB which has a food bank for our area, the Library, Cancer Society, local nursing homes, the fire department and many more organizations.  We recently donated, thanks to members, 16 "Linus" quilts and they were taken to help families in Bastrop where there were devastating fires recently and many families lost everything. Ok, I think I have rambled enough this morning.  Have a wonderful day..rain or shine!  HUGS!

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